The Whitby Hotel New York, United States of America

Are you in search of an exquisite hotel in Midtown Manhattan? Do you like colorful and artistic decorated settings? If this is what you genuinely want, Whitby New York Hotel has the replica of the above-described questions. The hotel is one of the best hotels in the province of New York. It records huge patronage daily. A lot of times, guests gave good ratings to the hotel services.

Where is Whitby Hotel New York Located?


The exterior of the hotel alone gives an alarming signal of what you should expect to see in the interior. Whitby is a hotel situated in the upper midtown of Manhattan. Two houses away from the hotel building on the south we have the central park, while on the north is the museum of modern art, also two houses away. Around the hotels are departmental stores such as Barney, Bloomingdales, and Bergdorf Goodman. There are also a good number of classic restaurants in the hotel and its surrounding environment.


Styles and character rating

Taking about a hotel with classic styles and designs, the Whitby Hotel is an example of one. The interior shows vibrant and colorful fabric materials, 3D wall paintings with varying patterns, well-placed sculptures, and giant murals. Also, we have classy portraits and other art related works. Just so you don’t get lost with the designs, there is a brochure right around the reception carrying information about the genesis and revelation of all artworks present within the hotel.


Types if service and facilities

Imagine having a basement of 60ft underneath a building! Well, this is what it’s like in Whitby, it also has a reading facility housing about 2500 different books. Workspaces are made available within the reading room for guests willing to have such privacy. What is your taste about gym facilities? Anyways, irrespective of whatever your refinement for a gym facility holds, the Whitby Hotel own sophisticated gym equipment. Other regular services are room service, restaurant, bar, Wi-Fi, etc.


Rooms Situation

Whitby Hotel owns a building of 16 floors with a total number of 87 bedrooms. All rooms are spacious, each having its unique styles depending on room types. The beds in the rooms are comfortable even better than ones in some private bedroom. All room furniture has cute designs to make you feel at home throughout your stay within New York.

Types of Foods and Drinks

Essential in every hotel around the world; however, Whitby Hotel is aware of this and has put in place all food and drinks making facilities to give a guest the best eating and drinking experience. The menu list contains a wide range of dishes one can select. Like the bar serves different brands of drinks, all selling at a relatively affordable price. Breakfast and brunch served on weekends are usually Buffet with a lot of selections. Also, a la carte is another aspect of food service, which looks interesting for hotel guests.

In Summary, Whitby Hotel boasts about giving a remarkable experience to all guests who lodge in the hotel. The members of management confirm to have put the best team of experts around the world to make guests feel welcome at all times. For families trying to travel on summer vacation, the hotel has well-aerated rooms large enough to contain a family of 5 if not more. Guests with a disability get high preference. It is so because the hotel designs are such that mark out pass-ways for disable guests. Before making your final decision about whether the hotel is what you want or not, you can put a call through for further questioning and information.

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