Why you need to know about Hotel Star Rating

Travelers have the opportunity to select hotels before commencing their trips. Every hotel in existence has its ratings. Hotel rating ranges from one star to five Stars. Rating of hotels is what gives travelers a wide range of options to select. The classification of the hotel tells a lot about it. There isn’t a doubt that hotels with a 5-star rating are luxury hotels. Although relying solely on a hotel rating for a final decision of a room reservation isn’t advised, asking more exact questions about a hotel is best. This post helps you get trustworthy information about hotels.


Types of Hotel Rating


There are two types of ratings throughout the world, and they are official and unofficial ratings. Most Luxury hotel in the UK claims a 5-star rating, and you should only accept this rating if it is made official. A hotel official rating is according to hotel standard and regulatory authorities. Forbes started the rating system for hotels as far back as in the 1950s. After Forbes, a lot of other evaluating regulatory agencies sprouted and began the rating processes. Still, Forbes remains the most reliable rating assigned for most hotels.

Also, I will like to let you know that hotel rating in the US varies from hotel rating in London City. It implies that there isn’t a universal system for hotel rating. You shouldn’t equate hotel ratings in Dubai to a hotel rating in Nigeria. The parameters for which hotels get their ranks will be listed below with clarity for you to comprehend.


What are the primary criteria used for hotel rating?


Even while having a diluted system of ratings, each system still considers some essential criteria for rating hotels in all countries. Determining hotel ratings are done through available amenities, and hotel service quality. Hotel booking sites such as Expedia uses the above mentioned for rating hotel it sells. Find out actual criteria used for rating hotels accordingly below;


1-Star Hotel


A 1-star hotel sells simple rooms having a bed and bedside table. Sometimes bedrooms on same floor shares toilets and bathroom. Preferably, the vending machine carries items for refreshment. You shouldn’t expect any on-site facility with a 1 –star rated hotel. Most hotels belonging to this category don’t open 24 hours. With a hotel of 1-star rating, prompt housekeeping service is shaky.



2-Star Hotel


Usually, a 2-star hotel is an improvement on what the situation is with a 1-star hotel. There is a probability of getting a 24-hours reception service. Rooms in this class of hotel feature telephones, closets, television, and private bathroom. You shouldn’t expect much for a 2-star rated hotel.


3-Star Hotel


We have a lot of hotels around the world belonging to this category. Of course, it isn’t relatively cheap, but it’s quite comfortable for lodgers. 3-Star Hotels in the United States of America and other countries look almost convenient for every type of traveler. Rooms in a 3-star hotel are relatively large with varying furniture. Facilities on-site include restaurants and bars.


4-Star Hotel


If you want an excellent shelter while away from home, booking a 4-star hotel is fantastic. Hotels with these ratings look more beautiful and safer for all types of guests. Facilities include; gym, a swimming facility, and other exciting services, although some service may cost extra, unlike lower rated hotels.


5-Star Hotel


We regard all 5-Star Hotels as Luxury hotels; you can find such hotels in all developed countries. Facilities include both indoor and outdoor. We have the 5-Star Resorts with areas for sporting activities. Using 5-star hotel facilities can cost a fortune. A 5-Star hotel can beat your imagination frequently.


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