Global Food Festivals Pulling Travelers from Various Countries

The best chefs in the world believe food festival is a way to exhibit a county’s culinary art. In order words organizing such festivals allows people to explore the different culinary culture. We all travel for various reasons. Food travel is one of multiple purposes. To go for a food-related festival outside your jurisdiction, you need to make a reservation in the best hotel. Focusing on traveling for a food festival outside your country is a reasonable decision to make, but making the wrong choice of hotel room and services can ruin the whole experience. This page aims at exposing travelers to various global food festivals.


Favorite Food Festivals Representing International Cuisine Celebration


Taste of Chicago

One of the largest food festival celebrations in the world today is the Taste of Chicago. The festivals run for five consecutive days with a vast number of cooking activities. Hot dogs, deep-dish pizza, jerk chicken, and more are foods expected on the line-up of the display. Chicago, Illinois is a big city in America; the city hosts the Taste of Chicago annually in summer (July). Famous entertainers at this festival include the likes of The Roots and Carlos Santana. Other hosts are celebrity chefs who take food lovers through a 3-course meal. The city of Chicago is usually crowded in July and after that. All Hotels in Chicago are often entirely books, so if you want to grace this festival, you need to hasten your hotel reservation.

Aldeburgh Food and Drink Festival

Just as some food festivals celebrate exotic foods, Aldeburgh food, and drink festivals celebrate local and indigenous cuisine. Activities at this festival vary, we have some for kids while others for adults. If you like face painting, crafts, and art sessions in Suffolk, London is the place to visit. Also, the family is allowed to take part in some cooking classes. Some family takes up food cooking challenges even, where the best family gets some honorarium. Suffolk, top London hotels provide shelters to visiting families.

White Truffle Festival

Would you like to taste the truffle oil, cheese, and tasty wines? If you want to have this taste, then I think going to the White Truffle festival good idea. Alba, Italy is the hosting ground, and the truffle product is the special of the day. We find food lovers and some of Italian best chefs in the White Truffle Festival. Traveling to Italy this summer is a good idea because it is a country with breathtaking scenic beauty.



Are you one of those who believe Italy has the best pizza in the world? Well, your belief might seem just like mine; this is because Pizza-Fest is an annual food festival with up to fifty Pizza flavors sold around the world today. A pizza competition is one of the most exciting events you don’t want to miss. The game welcomes Pizza makers from all part of the world who comes to showcase there pizza making skills. Naples, Italy is this place to visit if you want to get awesome Pizza brands.

Ottawa Poutine Festival

Canada, a county that shares borders with the United States is another soil hosting one of the big food festivals in the world. If you are interested in feasting on some of the Canadian exotic and traditional dishes, Ottawa Poutine is the place to visit. The festivals also feature other exciting activities that get you wanting more. Thinking about your comfort! Well, I don’t think you need to get worried, because just as the US has some of the Best luxury hotels in the world so also does Canada.


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